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Every story, every legend, every life. All have two things in common. Beginning and end. Some have multiple starts yet finish in the same place. This is our life, our beginnings, my beginning.

How my life began was by complete chance. My parents were never supposed to meet. They both had packs. Both had friends and family that loved them dearly. Yet the winter months came and both of them felt something. Something powerful and booming inside their bodies driving them to solitude. Telling them to leave. Telling them to look for something in the now frozen wasteland of the world. They didn’t desire to though, neither one of them wanted to flee from the place that they called home. Yet the calling continued till its battle cry rumbled their very core! Until the day that they both were forced to leave for a new life.  They left, the both of them leaving the eases of pack life where you can rely upon the successes of others to live. Now they were lonewolves. Being forced to fight for life every second of the day! This world that they both now faced was not the one they knew. The old world had been one of relaxation and ease even with snow upon the evergreen needles of the pines. No this is a new world where they are the only ones of their kind who existed upon the planet. They were the only wolves who had to face the horrors that subsided upon it. Freezing nights, hard battles for food, whether it be with the wolverines over something living or the ravens upon something dead. The temperature drops rapidly, randomly, throughout the day. Freezing the saliva that rested upon their snouts as the licked their noses to keep them moist. Up until the day that a herd of caribou crossed their path, thats the day their lives change. My father who was a large broad chested wolf with a black coloring upon his  hips, down his legs to the pads of his feat. It also spread from his snout and the top of his head, climbing down his back to the tip of his tail, like a shadow. His green eyes shining like summer grass. The rest of his body was a very light brown. He stood in the brush studying the herd. Especially his target. An old cow who had spent her years lively. She had birthed many calves and was going to die soon. She only remained with the herd so that her family may know what has become of her. She had seen my father begin to charge from her side. She had outrun many of wolves in her life as well. Yet now she was running at a relatively slow speed for her species, yet at a quick enough speed to keep my father from ripping into her. She quickly zig-zagged hoping that he would catch upon his own feet and fall face first into the snow... he did not. But instead it only draws him closer to her as she runs low on breath. My father smiles as he knew his victory and taste of blood was so close. Then thats when it happened. My mother had seen my father a while before he ever even thought of the fact that another wolf had come looking for caribou. She knew he was a male and thus he could likely be used and manipulated to her benefit. She had a branded white coat which gave her an advantage on this icy land. She was brilliant when it came down to hunting and she would almost always lead her pack mates to victory. What had always gave her away though, were her eyes. They were a shining light pink as do lilies in the spring. She had laid there in the snow the night before and aloud some snow to rest upon her making her seem as a pile of snow, as she closed her eyes. Focusing on keeping herself warm. Then as my father chased after the caribou, neither predator nor prey saw her laying there. So as the cow comes near where my mother laid. My mothers eyes shot open and she shot up clasping her teeth into the flesh of the cows throat and down fell the old cow with a single surprising blow. My father was in shock as this pink eyed female who seemed to have been born of snow rose from his kill, her lips red with blood and eyes pink. She smiles with a certain cockyness in her chuckle. She was beautiful as the sun reflected from the snow crystals that still dangled from her fur. He steps forward as his calling screams more loud than ever before as did hers. Was this what they had been searching for? A mate? Was their calling to have another generation of their kind. They were so close to one another now that they sniffed noses. Smelling each others scent. Feeling the others ancestry. Feeling his life through her nose. Yet they also smelled something else. It was what they had been looking for, their calling. My mother jumps away in playful delight with her rump in the air, tail wagging. My father steps back to her and they sniff noses again, before she jumps away again. They laughed as they did this bounding about like pups. They tried to return to the cow and eat but yet they did not last long before they return to playing around. Till the point that they could not take it any longer and their puppyhood left them and the spirit of adulthood took over and they ran through the trees side by side laughing. Seeking out a new den to get out of the cold and enter the warmth of the other. Leaving the carcus of the cow lying on the snow. The ravens hopping towards it slowly, being sure that the predators had gone.

The day the spring started was the day that the snow began to melt showing the green grasses. And from under the fresh soil came the splotches of flowers. Pinks and reds and blues littering the ground like insects, as the sunshine yet again starts to pour down to earth like rain. And through the new bound clarity of the world you could see what had become of my parents. They had found a den in which they could both live in and they found themselves both have gained weight from the kills that they could bring down together. Especially my mother whose newfound size was easily noticed. Though the new warmth of the spring would have accelerated any wolf, my mother had become extremely tired and barely left the corner of the den where she slept. My father feared for her health and he had to bring a constant supply of meat to her. She was thankful and would always lick him eagerly but as soon as she would swallow down the last bit of the meat, she would immediately return to her slumber. Yet one day my father went out to hunt. Dragging down a rabbit that he had ran through the woods. He returned to my mother to find a shock. My mother laid in the corner, happily licking a ball of fur that laid in front of her. It was me. I was relatively small for a pup, being the only one of the litter. My fur was white like my mothers. Yet upon my head and legs and back was a slight grayish black. Creating the same shadow effect that was cast upon my father. Yet what was the most unique was the pink stripes that ran over me, as if my blood itself were pink and it showed through my skin, upon my fur. I could not hear or see anything with my seals placed upon them. Yet how I longed to meet my new family. Yet I never got the chance. My father walked outside to bring in the rabbit for my mother. Yet the moment he stepped outside a loud boom sounded. It was so thunderous that it popped my ears open and suddenly the world was opened up to me. Sounds crashing into my head. Barks of another canine outside the den. The screams of terror coming from my mother and my own hollow whines. Yet my mother quickly sees my uncomfort and hushes herself and instead licks me. “ Hush. Hush my daughter”, she told me and I could hear the trembling in her voice. I quiet my noises but they are eagerly replaced by a hackle raising silence. No noise protruded from the air. No whines or barks or howls. Just silence. I felt my mother pull upon the scruff of my neck and pull me away from the earth, carrying me gingerly. The sound of her scared heart beating rapidly. Even through my shut eyes I knew we were about to travel into a new world, as the sunshine lightens up the back of my eyelids. A less calm world than the den in which I was born. Then suddenly this new world was cast into madness. My mother must have begun to run as I felt myself bob rapidly with her speed. Then as if in an explosion of horror the loud boom sounded again and I no longer felt my mothers teeth holding tight to my nape. I only felt myself being propelled through the air. Then crashing down to the cold earth with a painful thud. I don’t know what had become of her for there was no cry of pain. Just a quick disappearance of her acquaintance. There was the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer to me then I felt the presences of something in front of me. I stick my tongue out and lick it hoping to find my mothers fur. I did not instead I felt the smooth feeling of hairless skin upon my tongue. I could not have processed what it was I was feeling. The only thing I was sure of was that I didn’t know what it was. It made me hold my tail between my legs. I was afraid. I was in desire for my mother and father. Where had they gone why have they left me here with this strange creature. then there was another bark from the blood brother I had heard before. He was close by and I felt his wet nose against my face and it made me flinch. I feared this blood brother for I knew what wolves did to other wolves pups. Why is it that it would be different between me and the blood brother. But the sensation of this blood brother is quickly sent away as something swings through the air above my head and a loud thud sounds followed by the whines of the blood brother. “Leave her be Billie!” Yelled a deep stern voice. One that sounded powerful yet had a protectiveness resting inside it. I felt the bare skinned thing grab the scruff of my neck and lifts me as my mother did except much higher. He held me close and bundled something that I believed to be his fur around me. “Its alright girl. I’ll care for you.” His booming heart was rhythmatic and it felt soothing to me. I felt as I was carried away. “Your a pretty girl. But you gotta have a name.” He scratches under my chin and I lift my head the pink upon me shining like stars. “ Straw... Strawberry? Ya. Don’t worry Strawberry. I can see you and I becoming good friends.” I smile as his hand pets gently on my head and I slowly relax in his fur. Falling into deep sleep.

This is how my life changed. This is where my wild instinct was extinguished. This is where my story began. Yet I was unaware that at that moment another story had began. One that would eventually tie into mine. The story of my friend, my mate, my alpha. The beginning of his story. The beginning of SamAsh's story.
This is the first chapter of another story based off characters by [link].
She has aloud me to use them and I am going to be sure that I give the credit of her wonderful characters to her.

Special shoutout to nojjesz for her character and hope you liked it! ;) Tell me anything you didn't like.

Chapter 2:[link]

This chapter is about the beggining of one of her best characters strawberry:[link]
She is absolutly one of my Favorite characters and I wanted to start this with her. Pleeeeeaaaaasssse leave a comment. I beg you. I would love to hear what you guys think!! Geez!
Hope you guys like. I did! :D ;)
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Nojjesz Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ohhh wow, I'm speechless! This story is heartbreaking! You did an amazing job on creating the atmosphere around the story. The two adult wolves are such great characters, I started to like them immediately after I started to read, and It was such a pain to loose them so soon.
I really like your writing style, you are so talented! The story is so engaging!
I can't wait to reed more from you! ^^
jamestmattingly Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Student Writer
Thank you very much!! I am so glad that you like it. The next chapter will be out soon ! I plan for this to get really deep and long. I just need to start it with the beginings of the characters. I plan to jump characters from chapter to chapter. SamAsh is next, then maybe victer or kate. Im not really sure if Ill focus much on adem besides being the best friend of SamAsh. No offense but he really doesnt have enough story that is his own. Him and SamAsh are alot the same in back story. I may have a chapter or two about him though. Thanks again!!!! XD
Nojjesz Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I' loved it! ;)
yeah, well Adam is not a too important character, his role is to support his friends. And even his coat has nothing special in it. He is a simple but a large gray wolf.
I'm so excited about the next chapter! :D
jamestmattingly Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Student Writer
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