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This is just some of my stuff, but feel free to check out my gallery. But be warned. My gallery mostly consists of Literature. Cause! I! Can't! Draw! XD



They didn’t look back
When I told them to run.
I withstood the attack
Till their task was done.

They left me be
With wounds running deep.
My eyes barely see,
And longing to sleep.

I wish I could keep going.
To see you grow and live
But with my heartbeat slowing
I have only this to give.

Little Sun, Guide your brother’s path,
Do not lead him astray.
Teach him of joy instead of wrath.
At his side please stay.

Little Moon, like your father you are strong,
And you grow stronger every day.
Protect your sister from all wrong.
Be the shoulder for her to lay.

I feel him standing next to me.
His presence is bright and warm.
Perhaps not now, but you will see,
His light will pierce this storm.

“Come my darling, it’s time to go”
His words were quiet and sweet.
I found my breaths draw short and slow.
My mate I wished to greet.

Live my children, grow and love.
Please see beyond my death
Feel our blessings from above
And I drew my final breath.
Final Breath

Not my characters! This is a long, but very important description. If I mentioned you, please enjoy this gift!

So, it happened again. Tazi and Tama have done it again.

 Perhaps not as much a love story like Vren was, but Tilika has quickly risen up to be one of my favorite characters ever with interesting morals and ideas. So when her and Saurugol became mates I was estatic, then I thought I was going to lose it when I found they were going to have pups.
Then I really was upset when Saurugol died. Tilika has her sweet little pups though and everything seemed to be looking up despite the sad story so far.
Then Highvalley happened, and I was stressed but excited for the future love story between Mohawk and Nike. but then… this happened: (by: :icontazihound: )and I honestly have not emotionally recovered yet.

I have sat and studied every element of this comic and in all honesty could write a page of inner dialogue for each expression. For Tilika to be such an amazing character, and to die in this way… every time it puts a pit in my stomach and makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.
I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t stand the thought of Yuaei and Mohawk growing up now as orphans. I just… *sigh*
I couldn’t let it stay ended this way in my mind. I know it isn't canon, but I tried to match as many other elements of her personality, and character into this poem through prior artwork by both Tazi and Tama.
It had to have Tilika going out as a mom, a mate, and a sweet ray of love that I know she is. I can’t stand this comic being the last part of her story, so this poem is her last breath. Her last wishes and lessons to her children who cannot hear her before she is taken away by her mate.

This is as much a gift for Tazi as repayment for the wonderful inspiration she has given me over the past year or so, but also a memorial of my own closure for this mother. Though I will always love Wren, Saurugol, Polaris, Hexa, Alar, Shen and Faust (etc.) as amazing characters. Saba and Tilika will hold a special place in my heart for mothers in wolven story writing, and continue to inspire me in the future.

Thankyou as always Tazi, Tama, and Naviira. Thank you DotW. Your world has really begun to impact my life and I cannot wait for even more stories!

Tilika & Mohawk: :icontazihound:

Saurugol & Yuaei: :iconwildfire-tama:

No characters in this one, but she still deserves some loving, definitely going to have to write some poetry for her wonderful characters one day soon: :iconnaviira:

Predin’s music didn’t play, and the house was all but silent. No wolves stirred, no pups squeaked whimpers, and though families mourned for their losses they had all but fallen into unconscious misery by this point. I slowly pressed my nose to the door of our sanctuary and looked about the hall. Before motioning for them to move.

“Don’t get caught.” I quietly barked at Ischien and Ahria as they left the library. They knew where the food was stored and were going to get some for the journey, not to mention spend some time with one another before her mate left her.

When I told them the plan they were hesitant to accept it, I had a wound and was tired after all and may as well have been delusional but after some argument they agreed that it was a good idea. Likely the best chance they have had in a long while, and the first they were going to take. The one pursuer would be a trial but not a problem and with all the others likely exhausted from the day and slow on their patrols, our escape was all but assured. Even if we did get caught, we were a valuable asset to Rodon and if we get over run then all we have to do is surrender and the pursuers will only capture us, not kill us. This did not mean that all of us were going though.

Ahria would have sworn every word she knew if she could have spoken the moment Ischien denied her travel. He knew she was safe here, with her mother and pack. Few knew their tie to one another and thus no one would think of her if they were caught. She was free from all trial and that was perfect for him. She was furious, trying so hard not to stomp her feet in a show of rage, but she calmed down when he kissed her and promised that he would go and he would help the other packs and he would return for her like a pup story of alphas and omegas.

Predin scurried about the library with as much silent swiftness as he could, collecting various books with the help of Dusk. Treasures to him that he could not leave behind for any reason. I stepped over to Trilla and sat to wait and watch. She didn’t wrap my tail with hers and her eyes didn’t glimmer with flame and I knew she was bothered.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” I begged and she shook her head. “No, my leg is not fully healed,” “So what I got stabbed in the neck today, yet I’m trying to lead this wild escapade.” She gave pity in laughter. “All I would do is slow you down and that is not what you need. Besides, I can’t leave Ahria here completely alone.” I agreed and looked at her face and I caught her glance with mine and I looked at the bandage over her eye. “Perhaps your leg isn’t healed but your eye has to be.” She shrugged. “Perhaps, it has felt better for a while but never hurt to be too careful.” “Would you mind if I took them off to see.” She paid little mind to the idea and merely said, “Go ahead.”

I leaned towards her and she lowered her head for me to reach around her and grab the knot behind her ear. I snipped the knot with my teeth and began to unwrap the coverings from her head. When I slowly undid the bandages I began to see the scar, a scratch like scar that had formed both above and below the eye. When I got to the end of the cloth though and the end fell away I saw her eye closed. I set the wrappings to the side and looked back as she opened it and the greens of it flourished in her sight. The flame was there and it spread like a wildfire to the other one. She was beautiful and for a moment I thought I could love her. I leaned forward and my snout joined with hers in a kiss of affection. It was wonderful and passionate and I turned my head and felt my tail wag almost uncontrollable. She gave back the feeling through her touch and I welcomed it but just as I thought we were together, she pulled away and when I opened my eyes I saw the fire was gone. “I didn’t give you permission to kiss me.” She murmured with mild irritation. She stood and turned towards Predin to help him and my brother. “Trilla wait,” I begged but she didn’t turn around. Her eyes no longer burned, her tail didn’t wag; her heart must have felt nothing. My ears laid back and I no longer thought of love from a female but I thought of love for my brother and how we would make it.

When Ischien and his mate returned they carried a small metal container with a handle. Inside were several chunks of meat to sustain us on our journey. Predin had his satchel which I took and carried for him, heavy with books. Predin licked both of his adopted daughters on the snout, Dusk licked his “Momma” on the nose and Predin kissed his mate. I merely looked at Trilla and she looked back, maybe there was something there but it didn’t matter now, it had been settled and we slid quietly out of the library, then out the main door. The outside was void of any guards and I was thankful for that. We turned around to look at the females again and they smiled and nodded to us, and we went off. This was it, I thought to myself, this was finally the escape from the clutches of Rodon. We will finally at long last be free. We will share what we know with the other packs and we will return for the good wolves of this pack. We will get to see the ocean, we will get to accomplish my mother’s wish. Yet when I looked back and saw Trilla still watching us I wondered was this truly all I wanted. Maybe I was wrong about it all.

We took a path away from the road, through the trees and bushes to remain hidden. The first thing we did though was find the small drinking creek nearby and rolled around in the mud covering us for the most part in camouflage, but more importantly masking our scent. Without a scent we could actually hide. The sky was clear and the light of the moon and the stars shown down onto us casting us in a milky white glow. Each breath drawn was filled with wet air and each step devoured by silence. The fall air was chilly, truly preparing for the impending winter in the coming months. Everything was settled and so we ran through the dark towards salvation.

None of us spoke, not even Dusk who was struggling but still managing to keep up with us said a single word during the journey. He had grown truly, every time I see him I think of it and truly realize that this pup has gone through more in his younger days than likely his mother or father had in their lifetime. My ears laid back, mother and father, when am I going to tell him that they are dead, when am I going to tell him that I am not his papa but his brother, or perhaps not even that. I forced myself to stop thinking of it and focused on running.

After a while we stopped for a moment to catch our breath and refocus ourselves amongst several trees. The wound on my neck hurt terribly and my shoulders were sore too from the heavy bag on them. “This stupid satchel weighs too much, we should just leave the books.” For a brief look I would have sworn Predin had the glint of a killer in his eyes at the statement. “Those are worth more to me and anyone who knows of what they are than your life is. Think of that before you even joke about such a thing.” I had a quirky response and went to say it but before I could Ischien shushed us and we both look to him. He held his ear to the air, listening, searching for a sound. I cocked my head as well and listened for something and at first heard nothing but then heard the quiet rustling of leaves, perhaps the wind, a cat or another nocturnal creature. That was until I heard the voice. “I can’t believe Vinator put us all on guard.” I didn’t know the voice of the one who spoke, but I knew Vinator and I knew that they were pursuers. Ischien fell into battle stance and silently snarled. “Hide,” Predin ordered and we all dashed behind trees and in bushes, then sat still and silent. “Well, orderers are orders and from what I heard it came from the big boss.” The other replied. “I just can’t believe that he hasn’t let us kill this whole pack yet. We are constantly losing allies as the months go on.” The irritated companion whined. “It all comes back to Rodon, he plays a game of fear. Intimidating his enemy and uplifting his allies. I hate the bastard, always giving us orders like those half breeds.” “The asshole at least has a mind like no other though. With us behind him the Prophets and Matriarchs will-”Dusk whined from his hiding place in a moment of fear and there was complete and total silence. They knew that there was a presence and I pressed myself tighter against the tree to conceal myself. I felt the fur on my back stand, I couldn’t see the wolves nor could I hear them, they could be directly on top of me. I looked over to Ischien who pressed against the tree to my side and his teeth shown from beneath his gums. He was just as ready to fight as me and I waited. That was when I saw the wolf’s snout peek out from around the side of the tree. He couldn’t see me but another step and he would. If it came down to a fight then we had to take him out before he could howl. The snout of the wolf didn’t take another step, he just stood there with hackles raised and teeth showing with silence.  That was when I heard a slight slipping noise. I looked down and saw that the latch on the satchel of books was coming undone and with it the books were beginning to slide out of their containment. I panicked, if I moved then they would no doubt see me, if I didn’t then the sound would no doubt give away our position. My heart was beating so fast, I was panicking and in a split second of fear the world slowed and I knew that I had to do something. Vinator was able to feel when I used the halt, these wolves likely could as well so I moved. I leaned over and re-latched the satchel before swinging around the corner and grabbing the wolf’s throat, ripping the flesh from the front of it and I peered the other wolf who had stayed back a few steps to support his friend if needed. I took the satchel strap in my jaws, reared back and threw it with as much force as I could at the wolf; then released time. I didn’t even need to look back at the wolf when I heard the splatter of blood over the ground and a gurgle in his throat. The other wolf though knew that I used the halt and stepped with quick motion to the left and narrowly avoided the satchel. I charged him before I thought he had time to react. I got close and spread my teeth to end him but I felt it, I wasn’t fast enough.

The wolf used the halt and when he released I felt him grab hold of my throat. He would have ripped it open had he not accomplished his other task while time was slowed as a loud ringing resonated through the air. The pursuer had howled and created a signal, one that no doubt reached all the way across the territory. They would be upon us now. I felt his fangs begin to press against my neck as if in slow motion and he would have ended me then and there had Ischien not used the halt and intervened. He grabbed hold of the wolf’s lower jaw and with all his strength pried it back and snapped its bone. When time resumed the wolf stepped back with a sound that resembled a cry spewing from his throat. Ischien grabbed hold of his head and with a quick twist snapped it and the wolf fell to the ground with the occasional twitch.

“Thanks again.” I said and smiled at Ischien. He didn’t return it though and instead nodded his head. “We need to get moving and now,” Predin said as he and Dusk left from their hiding places. “I’m sorry, I got scared, I couldn’t stop my heart.” He didn’t react. “We are a bit more than halfway to the border, let’s get going.” I didn’t say anything else and neither did he. I picked up the bag and we continued to run. Dusk looked at me while we went and asked if I was alright. I told him I was and he was glad. I couldn’t help but feel as I looked at him that I was a curse on his life. Every hardship, every trial, even now as we run from my flaw I cause him trouble. Maybe he would be better off if I never lived at all. That’s when the sound of howls filled the air behind us and we knew that they were coming. “Go!” Ischien barked and we picked up the pace.

I felt them, using the halt to gain distance on us. I couldn’t do that without falling victim to my exhaustion, so I kept running. The quiet voice once again came crawling into my ear now and it whispered horrible things to me. “They will catch you and they will kill him. It will be your fault.” It slithered into my ear and hissed its horrible mistrust. I hated it, but perhaps it was right.

“Papa watch out!” I re-focused and swung my head to Dusk and when I saw he was looking to my other side I looked too late. The large pursuer almost just appeared from a few paces away to close proximity. He flung his whole weight onto me and sent the both of us sprawling. We tumbled on the ground in a flurry of bites and snarls. Predin and Ischien swore when they saw and turned to help.

I snapped at the wolf’s throat and he reared away and swiped his claws across my chest, leaving a mark without blood. We stopped rolling and as I tried to stand the wolf kept low and latched his teeth in my front leg. I cried out in pain and by instinct lunged down and sunk my teeth into his head, stabbing into his eye and ear. He let go for a moment of reaction and I was able to jump away, but the moment I placed my foot onto the ground I toppled over due to the pain. Ischien would have killed him but before he had the chance the wolf used the halt and ran, we didn’t know where he went and I was in too much pain to care.

Predin looked at it and looked around for something to tend to it but because he was rushed he found nothing and merely licked the wound a few times. Ischien knelt and helped me stand, holding the wounded paw close to my chest protecting it. “Can you run?” I knew I couldn’t so I didn’t reply. I tried to walk a few steps but when I nearly tripped to the ground again I sat down and took in deep breathes. “Papa?” I didn’t look at him, I couldn’t. “Dusk, you need to go with Ischien and Predin.” He tried to intervene and interrupt but I wouldn’t hear them. “I can’t walk Dusk, you need to listen to me.”

“No! Papa I don’t want to leave you behind, you will die.” He begged for me and it wounded my heart. “Hage, we need to go.” Predin said in a rushed voice. I nodded to him and I looked to Dusk and saw the tears of unrest in his eyes. “Listen Dusk, always remember the star, as long as it stays lit then we will see each other again, now promise me, promise me that you will do as I say and follow the others,” He didn’t react. “Promise me!” This time he nodded and I licked the tears from his eyes and gave Predin who gave me a “good luck”. I handed him the books and thanked him then they ran off into the night. Dusk looked back to me but Predin told him that he needed to look forward.

I waited just a minute before I heard a rustle, I thought of the symbol and the world stopped except for a wolf. He had used it just as I did and he run towards me at full speed. I tried to stand but as I did my leg burned with pain and I toppled forwards just as the wolf jumped to where my head was. He would have tackled me if I stood and I thanked the gods in a moment of prayer. He spun around and went low but I curled my legs close to my body and rolled out of his path. The moment he got a mouth full of dirt I found the ground and used my black legs to launch me towards him. The wolf dodged to the left and I barely managed to land with my three legs on the ground, and I released the halt. When time moved I felt a drain of energy and stumbled just a moment with a heavy breath before turning to meet the wolf again. He snapped at my face and I pulled back just enough to avoid his fangs but smell his breath. I countered and duct low going for his throat but the wolf slammed his head down and bashed into my head. I slammed into the ground and was a little dizzy for a moment. The wolf grabbed my nape and began to lift me but before he could slam me down again in an attempt to knock me unconscious I swung my lower body between my front legs and allowed my back legs to claw into his chest and push him away. He pulled a little before my claws pierced his skin and he cried in a moment of pain and I went sprawling. Before I could get my footing though I felt the wolf jump atop of me and sink his teeth into my back. It was excruciating and I felt my heart rate speed up and the halt paused everything. I placed my good feet onto the ground and used my weight to fling the wolf over me and then breathed and aloud time to resume. The wolf flew through the air for a moment and before I felt him use the halt, I didn’t know how much time he had, I didn’t know how much he could handle, but when time unfroze I was met with a shock, the wolf was rolling around in a flurry of fangs with another wolf. A smart ass wolf who returned for me despite his best interest.

The wolf managed to get his feet beneath my friend and throw him backwards. Ischien managed to flip in the air and land on his paws. “Hage, behind you.” I turned and saw three more wolves rushing at me, I used the halt and managed to stop one but the other two had expected it and so they moved normally. The first went for my other leg and I jumped back onto my hind legs and avoided it and planned to come down onto his head but the other jumped at me and lowered his snout knocking me completely backwards into the ground and I was forced to release time. The other wolf kept charging while his two companions took a moment of rest. He snapped at my snout to clamp and trap me, I swung to the side and then countered with a bite of my own and missed. Ischien jumped over me onto the wolf and he crashed into the ground. I grabbed the wolf by the nape as soon as my friend jumped at the other enemies. Using the halt I lifted the wolf and swung him around and found that my instincts had been correct the other wolf had been there and I used his associate to knock him away and released both my tool and time. The two wolves crashed into each other and sent swinging to the side. I took the moment of rest to breathe and yell at the idiot who has saved me. “I thought I told you to go.” He didn’t answer till he had managed to get both of his wolves onto the ground and had a moment of breath. “I couldn’t just leave a cripple, you think you could really stall these guys more than a second? I’m buying Predin and the runt some time.” He turned to look at me from the corner of my eye. “Besides, why would I miss a good fight?” I looked back at him and I wanted to smile but the voice again hissed in my head. `Your, fault.’ Then the wolves were back at us and we focused as four more wolves joined the fray. They were not here to attack us though and instead ran past us and though we managed to grab two by the tails and bit another in the back leg slowing him they got past and we couldn’t stop them. So we stood back to back and fought the ones we could, hoping that we had bought enough time for them to escape.

More pursuers joined or ran past, many fought us replacing every pursuer that we managed to knock away. Gradually we grew more and more tired till neither of us could use the halt and our one weapon to even the odds was gone. I managed to grab a wolf by the throat and when I went to crush it another slashed my face with his claws and I released my prey unwittingly. I snapped at the wolf and he jumped back as another jumped over him and used the halt I wanted to but could not and felt as the wolf grabbed hold of my nape and threw me out of the crowd and flat on my belly. Another who had used it at the same time ran to me and when time was released I felt him pressing his front paws into the back of my neck and between my ears, pinned.

I swore at them and stood my back legs up and tried to push myself out from under his strain but my claws only dug into the dirt for a moment before the wolf called for a companion and another placed his paws into my rump, gods they were strong and I threw myself about to cause them to slip. “Let go of me!” I barked, as another came and held my back down on the other side. I turned my head as best I could and snapped at the wolves and tried my hardest to nab one by the skin and tear him apart but the before I could one of the wolves leaned over and bit my mouth shut. Clamping it hard and I felt the blood begin to seep down over my snout and I whined. I shouldn’t have.
Ischien turned when he heard me and his eyes went wide. “Hage!” I felt him use the halt again and when time moved he had opened a gap between the crowd, charging for me but just before he reached me I felt it, a halt, a strong and swift one that hurt for me to feel. A flash of movement swept behind Ischien and he shrilled in pain and spun around to face what had harmed him but there was nothing. I saw though the wound. A large piece of fur and flesh was torn from his back and it was raw. More wolves appeared and I knew them as the wolves who had went with us to town, they were those that accompanied their leader.

Another sharp halt and this time the blur went past his front and tore his right ear and he whined in response. I tried to yell for him to surrender but he bared his fangs and the other wolves laughed at him. This was cruel, for as my friend stood there the others no longer fought him but they spread out encircling him and waiting for something. They snarled and they laughed and as they spread on the opposite side from me, I saw Vinator walking forward with the ear in his teeth, it dripped red and Ischien’s teeth drooled for the blood of his attacker. He knelt and placed the ear onto the ground with a grin. “Come on, little half breed, show me what genes your father gave you.” He was taunting him. Begging for Ischien to attempt on his life so that he could kill him, Rodon would give no consent for his death so this was his option. Ischien stepped and stumbled for a moment the blood dripping down his face, snarling. “Come on, your father was such a hateful wolf, don’t tell me that you don’t have it in you. Did your little mother break you too, show you love, make you have a purpose? Do I need to rip it out of you as I did him?” Ischien was hold what he had back, he sensed it too no doubt. We fought these wolves because we were equals, but this wolf, he had power beyond anyone we have seen. Rodon like cruelty, with the strength to match. Ischien began to walk around the edge of the circle and Vinator mimicked him. Walking directly opposite. Ischien didn’t growl anymore and merely watched his foe as the wolves of the circle nipped at his heels. “No more words? No more barks or growls? Are you remembering the sounds of the prison? The anguish? Does it scare you, make you rabid? Does it make you want to kill me, your friends, yourself?” Ischien please don’t, don’t let him get to you, don’t let him into your head. Lay down, surrender. I murmured these words between closed lips and when I tried to open my mouth the wolf bit down harder and I am muzzled further. “Or does the silence make you think of something else, someone else?” Ischien’s eyes were like the full moon at the statement. “Oh, you think me and my boys don’t know what you have been up to? Your, secret mate, mute and fragile.” The others laughed at my friend, and I shook in my fur, he was going to lose his head. “Yes, something special about that girl, nobody will hear her when we take her and one by one, breed the coward out of her!” I felt the halt and I felt it released and I cried out through clamped teeth.

Ischien stood there, his four legs outstretched in the center of the circle, blood was splattered everywhere and Vinator breathed heavily from the edge of the circle. Ischien’s stomach was slashed in several places, things inside almost visible and it bled profusely. His eyes were wide and his head hung low as he breathed quickly. He shuttered for a moment a vomited up red and allowed it to seep from his mouth after overflowing. His whole being shook and he fell over to the ground. “Perhaps your father did give you something good.” Vinator chuckled with a wound on the side of his neck and the tip of his ear missing. “Release the other half breed. If he wants to cause trouble then so be it, we wait for the others signal.” They let me go and I immediately shrugged them away and ran to my friend. He shivered as if covered in ice and his eyes were sporadic with now rapid breaths, searching for something. “Hage, Hage, I’m scared.” He said his words fast, almost trying to speak a word per gasp. “It’s okay Ischien, you will be alright.” He cried as another glob of various red filled and rolled out of his mouth onto the ground. “I’m sorry Hage, I know I shouldn’t have fought him. I know I shouldn’t have done it, I shouldn’t have.-” More blood and bile and as he spat the substance I comforted him. “It’s alright, you did what you had to; you’ll be fine.” I searched around his body and didn’t know what wound to treat, nor how I would treat it and his breath as his breaths got slower it became evident to us both that he wasn’t going to be alright, despite what I said. “I don’t want to die Hage, I don’t want to die.” He breathed his words faster with a genuine tone. “And you won’t. You will get back home to Ahria and you will kiss her, you will love her.” He lifted his paw and wrapped it behind my neck in a rapid motion and forced the top of my head against his and stared up into my eyes. “Promise me you will protect them, you won’t let anything bad happen to her or Trilla.” His words were spoken between pained teeth from the movement and he cried more with ferocity. “Promise me!” He gritted his teeth. “I promise.”

He released me and laid back, “I’m so, so cold.” He spoke with shaking movements. “I don’t want to die.” I didn’t have the guts to deny him anymore. “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” I held my paw around his neck and pulled him in and hugged him and felt his blood seep with that of my wounds as he kept quickly sputtering those words. “I don’t want to die.” This was the second promise I made to a dying soul, this was the second time I felt this pain and the voice whispered again in my ear. ‘Your fault’ it hissed and Ischien stopped whispering and ceased to be and I cried. Vinator taunted me from behind my back but I didn’t hear his words of spite and just laid there.

“Get these two, head back to the house, we will head back when the others return. Rodon will have a fit but I want you boys to know you did good tonight.” They all laughed as a hardy bunch and did as their leader said. A pair grabbed me by the nape and took me from my friend. I snarled and tried to shake them off without making a threat but despite my best efforts they pulled me back and when I showed that I was going to struggle and fight them on the way they slammed me into the ground till my dizziness became blurry vision and the blurs turned to black.

I returned to consciousness to the sound of a familiar voice swearing at someone. I opened my eyes and waited for the blurs to clear up and I looked around. We were sitting on the porch in front of the home and Rodon was yelling at the top of his lungs at a pursuer. Ischien’s body laid beside me and Ahria was there muzzling his body. She didn’t care anymore if it was supposed to be secret, she loved him and now he was gone. So she cried tears of silence and mourned a void of disturbance. In the doorway several other wolves sat peering out at us, watching us, Trilla was among them. She too cried tears of sorrow and looked at me with dormant eyes. They didn’t say that they blamed me, but I had the voice to tell me they did. ‘She hates you, she blames you as does his mate.’ “I don’t care! Vinator killed one of my best wolves!” Rodon barked. The other pursuer tried to sway his ideas. “He tried to escape and attempted on Vinator’s life. We had to kill him, he was wild.”  “Well then where is he!?” Another pursuer piped in with a response. “He is back with the others! There at the tree line!” I turned to see the wolf but realized that another pursuer was standing behind me and he snarled, grabbing the back of my neck and pushed me back down. I tried to move a little but I knew he wouldn’t let me budge, when I realized this I laid there still till he let go. “Vinator! What is the meaning of this?” I couldn’t turn my head enough to see the big wolf. “I was merely patrolling the borders and protecting your territory as you said.” I felt Rodon’s fur stand up with irritation. I heard the steps of the other wolves coming onto the porch and after a pause they threw a body beside me. I turned to see Predin laying there just as hurt as me, he breathed long drawn breaths, wounded but alive. ‘He is hurt because of you.’ “Predin, Where is Dusk?” He didn’t answer. Rodon looked at his brother and turned to the other pursuers. “That was the leader of the escapade. You should really control your brother. And your pets.” Rodon didn’t respond, I could see him shaking just a bit. He was scared of this wolf, he knew how easily his mortality could be taken away from him and now, one of his only weapons against the biggest threat and ally was gone. They began to argue and I felt a whelp swelling up in my belly. ‘Where is he? Where is the pup’ the voice slithered. My brother, my son, where is he? “Where is Dusk?!” There was no reply for a moment. “Where is he damn you?!” Another second and the pursuer spoke. “Show him.” Vinator spat his words and a heard the light steps of one of the others come up beside me and drop it before my eyes. I was speechless, I felt my stomach drop and my mouth grew dry.

“My boys said the pup put up quite the fight. They had no choice but to take care of him.” The black fur mingled with the gray. The ears lain back against the raw cut where his head ended and no neck or body began. The head of the pup rested before me. He was dead? Everything I have done since my mother’s death. My fight, my starvation, this escape, Ischien’s death. All for nothing? All for a few extra weeks of life? Now he was gone. ‘Your fault.’

I felt a fire boil up in my throat, my pupils shrank, my teeth begged for blood. My body lost every pain, every ache and I used the halt and flung myself up swinging around and ripping off the throat of the pursuer who had stood behind me, spitting it out immediately. I turned and ran at Vinator, he would die, I would kill him and no goddess would stop me. I got close and the moment I thought that I could take it, the moment I thought I had him in my grasp I learned why Lupus stopped me at all. Suddenly in a split second Vinator unfroze from the halt and snapped his teeth into the fresh wound on my snout and clamped my jaws shut and twisting my whole body and flipping me onto the ground, holding me there till I lost my grasp on the time and everything moved as normal. When the other pursuers saw their leader struggling to hold me down and their friend dead they ran over and held me down. I writhed and snapped around at them. “I will kill you! You freaks!” Vinator stood up and shook himself as if covered in water. “What should we do with him?” Vinator smirked, hoping that he could get the order to kill me. Rodon looked at me and I snapped my teeth at him. “Come on! Give the order!” He looked at me with a growl and though I’m sure he would have happily traded Ischien’s life for my own, he couldn’t afford to lose another weapon so he didn’t give me release.

“Take him to the prison with the metal user.” He ordered. “Let that place consume him. When he comes out, he will be our tool.” “Father I don’t think that you should.” Trilla had stepped up and tried to speak against the idea but she was immediately confronted. “Trilla. Get back inside or I will kill Predin, don’t think I won’t.” I looked at her and she laid her ears back and curled her tail. Her eyes showed a hollow blue flame, they were reaching out, sorry they said, but I knew how she felt for me and I didn’t feel her pity. I turned my gaze back to the head of the pup. The eyes rolled back in their place so I couldn’t see the green in them, the green of my father, and the thought broke me. I stopped fighting and felt them lift me and take me down the road. I didn’t confront them, I let them take me and I began to cry, I had no more purpose to keep fighting, revolting. No more reason to hate, no more reason for revenge. No reminders, I didn’t have a purpose. The promises I had made, they all felt, hollow, worthless, meaningless. And the sea, well the sea seemed so much further away.

They opened the cage door and threw me in. I was didn’t stand or roll over onto my paws, I just laid on my side and Nail sat in the cell beside me and he didn’t move either. I didn’t want to move anymore, I was too tired, too sore. My heart beated slow from the use of the halt. My legs throbbed from the movement and wounds. My head pounded from it all. My soul, my soul hurt the worst. Trilla, Ahria, Predin, they were all still there, but the one reason I had to fight, the one who kept my stubborn nature alive. He was gone, my Dusk was gone, and no dawn showed for me.

The great white wolf sat silently amongst his universe with the large orb of creation. Rolling it about on the plain nothingness. He had been wondering what to do with this ball for the longest time and found nothing for it so for a century the great wolf played with the toy and questioned of what he had to do with it. Though the thoughts of creation were not on his mind at that moment, instead he had lowered himself enough to watch. He gazed down onto the lives of mortal wolves who he had sired from the beginning. Despite their abandonment he cared for them still, no matter how much he convinced the other gods. He stepped over into his universe and despite how much it irked him he leaned forward and put one of the stars between his fangs and closed his jaws causing it to cease in existence. The two brothers were no more and thus their star shared their fate. It pained him to see the wolf lose something he defended for the longest time, it pained him to see him suffer, and it pained him especially to know that now, Hage he believed to be his name, was in the realm of his daughter. An illegitimate temple of her beloved chaos. He was under no protection of Lupus and though she can still speak to him, Arora would have her way with him. The great wolf stepped back and continued to fidget with the orb.

“Let’s turn the tides.” He said quietly to himself and he rolled the orb more intrigued. A smile rising on his face. “I’ll make a prodigy of my own.”
Prodigy Chapter 12: The Star
So ya, this was a chapter. ALOT of sad, ALOT of action! I like this chapter, and I know it is just one thing after another for poor Hage but it all has an effect on him for his character. We have basically reached the halfway mark or so for the story and I am so excited and kinda tired.
So lets recap:
Trilla: tending to Hager and Predin while trying her best to care for Ahria and others. Also working and debating with her father
Ahria: Very sad
Predin: Very hurt.
Hage: suffering and feeling un-loved even though Trilla and him obviously wind up together.
Rodon: An Ass
Vinator: The bigger, badder ass!
Ya not lookin good for our characters. THis is the point where new characters are introduced and now with Dusk gone what will Hage do? *shrug* Keep reading. Hope you have enjoyed so far! Keep enjoying! And thanks for sticking around.
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